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Introducing the Goodness of Loose Leaf Tea

The culture of drinking tea is quite old; but the knowledge of tea was limited so far. People had little idea about the differences between the varieties of tea leaves. Things are changing now and premium tea leaves are being introduced to the common market. The new trend is making people curious about the tea leaves.

Besides the classification scale of green tea, black tea or white tea, there is another significant classification scale for tea and that is, loose leaf tea and ordinary CTC tea. The full form of CTC is crush, tear and curl; so the method becomes clear from the name itself. CTC leaves are crushed and torn through processing. The loose leaf tea is hand-rolled to retain the natural qualities of tea.

Also there is a huge difference in the method of selection. To produce loose leaf tea, only the first 2-3 leaves are picked from a camellia sinensis plant whereas the CTC tea is produced from the first 5 leaves. So, the loose leaf variant of tea becomes special from the time of selection.

Teaswan has entered the world of tea to take the taste of premium tea to global customers. The company makes no compromise with the quality of tea. It produces excellent quality of loose leaf for black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea. The tea variants are tasted by expert tea tasters to assure quality and taste.

Teaswan believes in authenticity of flavor so it takes special care in the production of loose leaf tea. The makers of Teaswan have a prior experience and a sound knowledge of tea production and marketing. So, what is produced by Teaswan for its customers is only the best quality loose leaf premium tea. The company is taking low quantity or bulk orders for loose leaf tea with the commitments of quick delivery.

Teaswan also gives you various twists of flavor in its herbal tea range. You can get the flavors of tulasi, cinnamon, ginger or lemon with loose leaf tea. The leaves are collected from different regions like Darjeeling, Assam, Doke and other parts of India.

Teaswan is creating a worldwide awareness on premium tea. The members of team Teaswan are visiting industrial fairs all over the world to deliver the pristine flavor of original Indian tea to the global customers. They are communicating with the customers and explaining the importance of drinking loose leaf premium tea. And the result is amazing. Teaswan is actually spreading a culture of originality in taste.

Teaswan is addressing various issues regarding tea and promoting the best practices of drinking tea. It is spreading knowledge about the ideal methods of brewing different types of tea to get the best flavor. The company always responds to the queries and feedbacks of its customers to improve the quality of service. It is not mere business, but an attitude of service.

In near future the importance of drinking loose leaf tea will be known by the tea lovers and Teaswan is working passionately to achieve that aim.

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