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Loose Leaf Oolong Tea: Know the Goodness of It

The name ‘oolong tea’ is not really known to the common people; they are more used to buying black tea and green tea. To tell it simply, oolong tea is something between black tea and green tea. All teas are produced from the camellia sinensis plant. Oolong tea goes through medium oxidation while black tea is fully oxidized and green tea is a little oxidized or not oxidized at all; so the taste is somewhere in the middle.

Oolong tea preserves the natural essence of green tea and gets the toasted flavor of black tea, both partially. Considering health benefits, Oolong tea gives the combined benefit of black tea and green tea. Tea leaves are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All types of tea leaves contain these elements and their benefits in different measurements.

Like black tea and green tea, oolong tea also has multiple good effects on health. But you need to buy loose leaf premium oolong tea only. The broken leaves or the CTC leaves are crushed and torn in the method of processing, so the taste and the healthy materials go from it. Leaves are wisely collected to make loose leaf premium tea; it is a matter of wise selection.

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Oolong tea has moderate caffeine content which stimulates the nerves, CNS and the brain to elevate mental alertness and accuracy significantly. It is a refreshing beverage when the mind or the nerves feel strained after heavy stressful work. It also regulates stress. 
Oolong tea is also good for oral health. It stops the accumulation of plaque on teeth and gums and thus prevents tooth decay to a certain extent.
Oolong tea is rich in antioxidants; so it is a great detoxifier. It purifies the blood removing toxic elements and keeps a smooth circulation (toxic blood has a slower movement than pure blood). It also prevents accumulation of fat and cholesterol; so it helps maintain a good cardiovascular health.
Due to its detoxifying property, Oolong tea also helps in weight loss and maintains a good skin. Even people who are suffering from eczema can see magical results from drinking oolong tea regularly. It also prevents chronic allergies and irritations.
Some studies have revealed that Oolong tea has anti-cancer properties. The polyphenolic compounds arrest the growth of cancer cells. Drinking oolong tea on a regular basis lowers the possibilities of different types of cancer.
Oolong tea is effective in controlling blood sugar; it regulates the level of plasma glucose and works as a supportive treatment with regular drugs for diabetes.
Oolong tea also strengthens the bones of a human body by increasing the bone density.


So, you can get a big number of benefits from drinking Oolong tea. However, the measurement is important. Anything in excess can be bad for our body. The same is true for Oolong tea also which is otherwise enriched in friendly compounds. An excess of oolong tea can cause restlessness, insomnia, an increase in blood pressure and heart beat, irritable bowel syndrome etc. So, always keep watch on the amount of Oolong tea you are consuming per day, and stay healthy.

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