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Tea infused with art.

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A true classic and world renowned. Black tea is special because of the way the leaves are processed after the tea is harvested. Unlike green tea which isn’t oxidized at all black tea goes through a process of oxidation or fermentation. Because of this oxidation Black tea gets better with age and is good for several years. Easily the most famous type of tea amongst tea lovers and is the base for well-known classics such as English Breakfast, Earl grey and Indian Chai and many more.

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  • Doke Midnight Gold

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    50gm 20 Cups
    11.62 Select options
  • Tingalibam TGFOP 1

    100gm 40 Cups
    6.83 Select options
  • Teloijan TGFOP 1

    100gm 40 Cups
    10.25 Select options
  • Evershine Sibbari

    100gm 40 Cups
    6.83 Select options
  • Giddapahar Spring Wonder

    50gm 20 Cups
    13.68 Select options
  • Lumbini Royal Tippy

    50gm 20 Cups
    12.31 Select options
  • Mangalam

    100gm 40 Cups
    8.20 Select options
  • Mokalbari

    100gm 40 Cups
    9.57 Select options
  • Chabessey Handrolled Delight Black Tea

    Chabessey Hand Rolled Delight

    Rated 4.67 out of 5
    100gm 40 Cups
    8.88 Select options