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Tea infused with art.

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They are oxidized somewhere between green and black teas (5% to 85%) and they vary in color from very bright green to really dark. Tea producers must handle the oolong tea leaves much more than any other type of true tea, making oolong one of the most complicated teas to create, proper oolong requires a lot of manipulation and human contact to make. Oolongs have a full-bodied, complex flavor; floral, bright, sweet, to deep, rich and buttery. High mountain oolongs are not roasted, they have a bright, floral, “green” flavor

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  • Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea

    Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong Tea

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    50gm 20 Cups
    $14.14 Select options
  • Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong Tea

    Organic Ekta Golden Emperor Oolong Tea

    100gm 40 Cups
    $14.98 Select options