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Teaswan Takes Tea to a Different Dimension

Tea was first discovered in China; then through the international traders it took a worldwide expansion. Now it is a primary source of refreshment for most of the people. Tea having a lower caffeine content than coffee is considered to be a healthier drink; not only that, tea also has a good amount of polyphenol compounds, Vitamins and minerals which have a number of benefits.

But the real essence of tea was not available for the common people so far. They had neither the knowledge nor the access of premium tea. But things are changing now. There are exclusive tea websites which can give you a lot of information about premium tea.

Teaswan has entered into the world of tea with the promise of making its customers enriched with the knowledge and taste of tea. Tea expert Rajiv Lochan and his family have been attached with Teaswan with their intense knowledge of tea and its production.

Teaswan approaches worldwide customers with its enriched collection of premium tea. You can get the farm fresh variants of green tea, black tea, oolong tea and white tea on the website of Teaswan. The best part is, Teaswan assures you of the quickest delivery.

Teaswan has a special section of herbal tea and ayurvedic chai. These are special mixes which are made with specific goals of taste and health. Different herbs like tulasi (holy basil), cinnamon, lemon, ginger have been used with tea leaves to add special twist of taste and health. Ancient ayurvedic recipes have been used to prepare vata, pitta or kapha chai—all meant for special purposes. Teaswan also gives you spicy CTC mix to prepare spice tea or masaledar chai.

Teaswan is unique from the very first step of tea production. It takes absolute care of the cultivation to make the best output. The leaves are collected with accurate knowledge in the first flush, second flush, monsoon flush and autumnal flush; so the quality of being premium starts from the very beginning.

Then comes the processing of the leaves. Teaswan believes in the originality of nature and wants to retain the best natural elements in the tea leaves. So, there is no question of using chemicals or harsh processing through machines. All tea leaves produced and marketed by Teaswan are hand-rolled to retain the best quality.

Teaswan has a team of expert tea testers who are passionately attached with tea. For Teaswan, there is no end of gathering knowledge; exploration and experiments are a continuous process here. So, the experts passionately work to bring the best blends of tea to the market.

Teaswan is not for the end-users only. It approaches the whole-sellers also. The company wants to create a vast worldwide network to promote the culture of premium tea. It wants to tie up with the whole sellers for long term business to make a remarkable expanse of premium tea network.

Teaswan believes that it is not just business; it is a work of passion and a promise of changing. The company wants to create awareness on tea and bring an end to the use of low grade CTC leaves. If you taste the premium tea, you will definitely fall in love with it and will also understand the difference between ordinary tea and the premium tea. The duty of Teaswan is to take the real taste of tea to the customers.

The dream of Teaswan is that in the coming future there will be a whole generation of real tea lovers who will learn to appreciate the premium tea. And Teaswan will live forever in the mind of tea connoisseurs.

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